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Image is Everything!

Karen Burns founded Karen Images in 1997 as a woman-owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia. Karen Images specializes in photographing art, architecture, people, products, and events for corporate clients across Georgia. As branding specialists, we help our clients create targeted social content in both still photography and video.
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Karen started photographing architecture years before digital cameras came into play. Her first architectural images were shot with a 4 x 5 Sinar F1 large format camera. It’s still one of her favorite cameras to use. Having to get everything correct the first time, because there was no Photoshop to correct a mistake, learning light temperature and color balance, gave her a solid background for knowing what to look for and how to correct any issues on the spot. This helped seal Karen’s passion for detail and design. We love creating images of our client’s work in a way that reveals the depth of their vision.
We serve our clients by helping them identify and create a perfect image, a perfected story, or video documentaries that define their brand and move people to targeted actions. “Image” is the summation of everything visual and conceptual that the world will use to identify with you and your brand. We perfect that image.
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